Dorothy Harris
April 16, 2016


Ever heard of the Canadian rock band power trio popularly known as Rush? This group is a living testimony that raw talent can prevail in the music industry. Since their formation in 1968, Rush has released 14 platinum records and 24 gold records, performed over 600 shows in major cities across the world and sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. They have sold over 20,000 copies of their first album which they released in March 1, 1974 without major distribution channels. In terms of success they are ranked third behind The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

One of my closest friends Mike, who’s business, We Buy Houses For Cash, is actually a one of our biggest sponsors at the Triple Door, actually use to work back stage for Rush. That must have been unreal experience. What would I give to have the opportunity to work with rush. He shared with me so many stories of their concert  tours across the world. Sorry got a little off track there, lets get back to it.

The group was formed by members from diverse backgrounds. Alexander Zivojinovich, popularly known as Alex Lifeson, was born in Surnie in 17th of August 1953. Gary Lee Weinrib, popularly known as Geddy Lee, was born in Toronto in 29th July 1953. The last member, Neil Peart, was born in Hamilton in 12th September 1952. (John Rutsey was the original drummer of the band when it formed in the fall of 1968; he left in 1974 and was replaced by Peart.)

By aligning their undying commitment to personal work ethic with a trademark sound, the lead vocals and keyboardist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart have helped to define the scope of today’s rock music industry. The base of their work features eclectic songs in terms of style which they borrow from a number of legendary rock star musicians such as Jimmy Eat World and Paul Simon.

One of the best

In the course of their exciting career, Rush has emerged as one of the most entertaining hard rock bands. Although sometimes looked down upon by critics and rarely receiving fair airplay, this Canadian rock trio nonetheless has earned a large international fan base. Their genius-like performance skills have continued to solidify year in year out.

In their primary incarnation, this band borrowed a heavy influence from British rock power trio known as Cream. They perfected their skills when they were invited to perform at the Toronto club circuit early in 1973. Later in that year, they released their first single; Not Fade Away (a cover of the Buddy Holly version). Neil Peart was the band’s most multi-tasking member, who doubled as a primary songwriter as well as the band’s top drummer. He composed cerebral lyrics which eventually turned out to be a hallmark of the band’s aesthetic.

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Dorothy Harris
April 14, 2016


Now here is a tribute to a leading artist in a more modern genre that has been rising in popularity. Thomas Wesley Pentz, otherwise known as Diplo, has been becoming increasingly more popular in the last few years. His music genre is primarily Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, and as a music lover of all genres, he is one of the greatest performers I’ve heard in the past few years. There is definitely a reason that he has been gaining in popularity recently. But, that being said, no one starts at the top, and to quote the famous Drake, Diplo “started from the bottom but now [he’s] here.” So how exactly did this incredible musician form a successful career? (If you would like to keep up with Diplo’s concerts and new music, check out his website.)

Let’s take a look back on the early years of Diplo. The Mississippi-born future sensation was greeted by a loving family of his mother, Barbara Jean, and father, Thomas Pentz in 1987. His love and interest in music started primarily after spending time in Miami and getting to know the cool and unique sounds of Miami bass. He didn’t pursue his music career right away however, it actually wasn’t until he packed up and left for Philadelphia to study at the Temple University that he started to gain respect and recognition as a Disc Jockey. Diplo quickly started to collab with a fellow DJ known as Low Budget and shortly after they began releasing hot fire mixtapes together. One of them, titled Never Scared, gained huge attention and was listed in the top ten New York Times albums of 2003. It wasn’t long after before Diplo decided to set up his own studio so he could continue to pursue his music career, only this time with more intensity. His dreams came into fruition with the opening of The Mausoleum, which was a combination space of a recording studio, video studio, event area, and record label office,


Once his recording space was open, he began gaining even more attention, even that of other, more established artists in the business. In 2004 he was approached by female DJ M.I.A. in a club, he retells the event here: She came through and she wanted to meet me ’cause she’d heard my single and the funk mix from one of her A&Rs and she just thought I was right up her alley… It was amazing… I always wanted to make a beat with her, but all my beats were really shitty at the time.” (Pytlik, Mark (April 4, 2005) Eventually, the two started dating and Diplo accompanied her on her Arular Tour in ’05, which was his first big tour at that point. It was through M.I.A that Diplo later met DJ artist Switch, who he then collaborated with. Together the two of them created the hit “Paper Planes” which rose to the number 4 of the 100 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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The Doctor of Rap

Dorothy Harris
April 13, 2016


Dr. Dre

When hip-hop moguls are mentioned, Dr. Dre always makes an appearance as a legend in this type of music.  As a music lover, listening to all types of music is inevitable, but Dr. Dre really stands out – not only in the world of hip hop, but on his own as a true artist of his time. (Check out his website, Beats by Dre.)

Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre) was born on February 18, 1965 in Compton, California. In a society where gangs were the order of the day, he never showed much interest in school and kept himself busy with music to avoid being sucked into the gangs of Compton. On the Christmas of 1984, he received a music mixer as a gift. He went on and turned his family home into a studio and using the music mixer, he worked his magic by taking pieces of different sounds and songs to make a sound that was his own.

The teenage years saw Dr. Dre start hanging out in L.A. nightclubs after dark and after a while, he started working as a DJ. He was part of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru which gave him the opportunity to practice and polish up on his DJ skills.



His first success came from the rap group N.W.A. In this group he teamed up with fellow rappers Ice Cube, Eazy-E, MC Ren, the Arabian Prince and Yella. Their lyrics were mostly explicit and they reflected more on street life. The year 1992 saw Dr. Dre break out on his own and his music career took a huge milestone. This was the year that his first solo album The Chronic, became a huge hit.

He became a producer with Ruthless Records (a venture he started with Eazy-E), and through it he became very instrumental in launching the careers of different rap artists. Here he helped produce most of N.W.A material.

In 1991 together with Marion “Suge” Knight, Dr. Dre co-founded the rap music empire known as Death Raw. During this time, he was able to work on Tupac Shakur’s 1996 All Eyez on Me. He also worked on Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle during the same time.

1996 saw Dre leave Death Row Records and he established his own label, Aftermath Entertainment, in connection with Interscope Records. He signed a lot of new artists but two artists that brought him great success were 50 Cent and Eminem.

50 centEminem

Fast forward to the year 2008, and Dre expanded his hip-hop brand when he founded Beat Electronics. He did this with record producer Jimmy Iovine. First on the line was the debut of the company’s audio line which was Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones. The headphones became very popular and were followed by more successful products which were endorsed by hip-hop and pop artists.

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Jimi Hendrix

Dorothy Harris
April 12, 2016


The Great Jimi Hendrix

For my first post I would like to dedicate it to one of the many great rock legends, Jimi Hendrix. I don’t think I can dedicate a blog site to music without mentioning Jimi. For those of you who live underneath a rock and don’t know his name, here is a little quick summery for you. Jimi Hendrix is from Seattle, Washington; at a young age he learned to play the guitar and quickly stormed the music industry. Became a rock legend captivating audiences in the 1960s. One of his most memorable performances was the Star Spangled Banner at Wood Stock in 1969. He passed away in 1970 from a drug overdose, but he has certainly left his mark on rock music, still remaining popular to this day.

Early Life-

Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 in Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington as Johnny Allen Hendrix, which would later be changed to James Marshall by his father. He had a very rough upbringing moving from house to house, living with family and sometimes even acquaintances.

His mother name was Lucille; she was only seventeen when she had Jimi. His mother and father Al had a bad relationship. Lucille eventually left the family after they had two more sons, Leon and Joseph. Hendrix grew up only seeing his mother infrequently before her death in 1958.

In many ways, music was used as a way for Hendrix to cope with his troubles. Growing up he was a big fan rock and roll and blues. When Hendrix was 16, his father bought him his first acoustic guitar and with his fathers encouragement taught himself how to play. The next year his father bought him a right handed Supro Ozark electric guitar. Hendrix being left handed started playing the guitar upside down. Not too long after, he began playing in a band called the Rocking Kings. In 1959, he dropped out of high school and moved around working odd jobs.

Hendrix in the military

In 1961, he enlisted into the U.S. Army. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. While training he still perused his love for music, forming a band called the King Kasuals. In 1962, he was honorably discharged for “behavior problems” his superiors stated that he was not fit for the life of a soldier.

After the military, Hendrix began playing back up for famous performers such as Little Richard, B.B. King, Sam Cook, and the Isley Brothers under the name Jimmy James. He soon formed his own band in 1965, called Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, which played many gigs around New York.

Formation of the Jimi Hendrix Experience-

 In 1966, Chas Chandler, bass player for the Animals, found Hendrix and signed him on to become his agent. Chandler then convinced Hendrix to move to London and join forces with bass player Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell. Together thy formed the band the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Are You Experianced?

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